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for sale i have the following:

1934-D merk $1.25


1907 1908 1912 barber halves. the are in average circulated condition. the book value is 12.00 each. i am selling them at 10.00 each


1908 1911 V-nickels. i graded them both at VG-8. the book value is 2.50 each and i am selling them for 2.00 each.


1853 seated quarter. i graded it at VG-20+ the book price is 55.00 i am selling it for 50.00


1827 bust dime. i graded it at VG-8 but its close to fine. the book value for VG is 40 and the book value for fine is 55.00. i am selling it for 40.00


i have some pictures so everyone can see the coins and show that i grade honestly. if anyone has any questions or wants a better picture feel free to email me or PM me.








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