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  1. Im selling off part of my silver quarter collection. i have 118 Washingtons for sale and im asking $6.15 each if your interested or need some more pics feel free to send me a PM or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com, and we'll work from there. i accept paypal. thanks
  2. here is a list of some coins that i have and looking to sell, they have the asking price next to them. if your interested or need some pics you can PM or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com 1825 bust half dollar EF-40 $115 1868 nickel 3 cent coin. VG-8 $17 1909 Barber half VF-20 $70 1938-D buffalo nickel PCGS MS-66 $80 1935 Washington quarter PCGS MS-65 $125 1902 barber half $10 1908 barber half $10 1899 barber half $12 1906-O barber half in Fine condition $30 1839 bust half in Fine condition $80 1853 half dime(with arrows) G-4 $16 1920 buffalo nickels 2 for $2 1854 large cent in
  3. does anyone here want to sell their wheat pennies? i am buying them for 3 cents each. i am trying to put sets together for my kids and future grandkids before wheats get to expensive like many coins are now.
  4. i am thinking that this is between VF and XF i know that theres a big price difference between the two. what do you guys think that it would be?
  5. the first one looks like a error. the second looks like it was in the ground, i metal detect and thats what the nickels look like when the come out of the ground.
  6. i am selling these errors. i am asking $8 each or $45 for all. i will cover the cost of shipping. if your interested or want close up pictures of some please PM or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com
  7. i am thinking about writing more articles but i was wondering what i should write about. anyone have any idea? i was thinking about writing about the history of the dollar sign or the dollar itself.
  8. im glad that you liked the article, i was actually the one who wrote it.
  9. i found this artical about how PGCS grades there coins i thought you guys might be interested.Let me know what you think. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/4...ades_coins.html
  10. for sale is a PCGS graded 1938-D buffalo nickel. the PCGS value for this coin is $100. i am asking $85 plus shipping. if your interested please PM me or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com PS. the scratch on the back of the coin in the picture is on the plastic and not the coin. the coin is really a great one, it looks better in person.
  11. art is the highest bidder at 20.00 anyone else?
  12. i am selling this i am asking 240(plus shipping) for it. i believe that it is in VF-20 if not better condition i have added pics so you can judge for yourself if interested please PM me or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com thanks, whitesid
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