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Need help with old Lithuanian 1/2g coin, dated 1549..


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I've recently acquired a very old Lithuanian 1/2g coin from 1549,

with a Knight and Horse on it. I know the knight is called the Vytis but that's basically all I've learned about the coin. I was wondering if anyone could tell me an estimate about the value of this coin and some history behind it? It would be very appreciated.


If the images are still up, here's two pictures of the coin:









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obv. : MONETA MAGNI DUCAT(U)s LITVA(nia) or Coin from the grand duchy of Lithuania

Rev. : SIGIS(mund) AUG(ust) REX PO(lonia) MAG(num) DUX LI(tuania) or Sigismund II August I, king of Poland, Grand duke of Lithuania

Sigismund II August I was grand duke of Lithuania from 1544 until his dead in 1572. He became king of Poland in 1548.


This coin just came up in another forum....

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