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Russian (?) bronze 3 Marki, circa 1900


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Hello to all coin fans out there.


I was hoping someone could shed some light on the origin of this unusual specimen. It seems to be a Russian token of some sort, minted during Nicholas II era. Interesting 3 Marks denomination - may be issued for Finland? It was sold on eBay for about $80 a year ago. I lost the bidding war, but saved the photo.


I would appreciate if you can let me know what it is. Thanks!


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This one (3 Marks) was not even listed by A.V. Tunkel (А.В.Тункель). There is a picture of similar to it 5 Marks, no information on who and when issued it. These tokens (metallic bonds) were usually issued as surrogate money to pay for goods. I would be glad to hear if someone knows more about this particular token.



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