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Egypt - 200 and 500 Pound Denominations


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17/04/2007| EGYPT

In 2007 the Central Bank of Egypt is planning to widen the line of the existing banknotes by introducing two bigger denominations.

The banknote in the denomination of 200 Egyptian Pounds is to be issued in March, and the 500 Pound banknote will be issued by the 23rd of June, the country’s Independence Day.


The Egyptians’ attitude towards the innovations of the kind is ambiguous. Some economists say that this decision is not the evidence of the economy consolidation in the country, but on the contrary, is caused by inflation. Besides, it may involve the thread on the part of counterfeiters and other fraud with the exchange of the Egyptian currency on the “black market” in neighboring countries, particularly during the Muslims’ Hajj. Others believe, however, that the introduction of the larger denominations will simplify interbank operations and large transactions.

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FYI, I have received a high-res scan of the note and posted it on my web site, along with the following description:


200 pounds (US$35), 2007/4/3. Issued May 7, 2007. The Mosque of Qani Bay 908 H (1503), scribe wmk along with electrotype denomination, signature 21b (Farouk El Okdah, Governor), 1.5-mm solid security thread, 3-mm windowed security thread, Omron rings, OVI circle in upper left, 200 as latent image and registration device. The Seated Scribe 5th Dynasty on back. 175 x 80 mm.

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