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Looking for a little attribution help/confirmation


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Hi gang,


I bought this coin a few months ago. It was cheap & I thought it was interesting, but I'd like to figure out an attribution for it.


I think it's a Petermenger from Trier as it's very similar to a coin I found searching a French auction.


Here's my coin...




Here's a translated version of the auction description...


Petermenger 1467. Petermenger, (1676-1711), 1686, Trier, (Ar, 18 Misters, 8 h., 0,78 G.). ().

IOAN HVGO D G A T HC has. Its weapons in full field surmounted by an electoral hat.

R MONE - NOV. - TREV 1686. Bust of Saint-Pierre seen of face, nimbé and draped, holding the Gospels of the right hand and the keys of the left hand.

B.II, p.66 - KM/G. p.815 n°30.








The petermenger or “part with the effigy of Pierre” runs for 8 pfennigs. The petermenger corresponds to the albus. 3 petermengers are worth 5 kreutzers.

Jean-Hugues d' Orsbeck succeeded in 1676 Charles-Gaspard de Leyen (1652-1676) and he even, has as a successor Charles of Lorraine, archbishop of Trier (1711-1716).


and here's a pic of the auction coin...





So I'm pretty sure at what it is, but wanted some confirmation. My coin is 18mm & 1.38 grams. No idea what it's worth either, I didn't pay much.




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Well, its certainly a coin (petermenger) of Johann Hugo von Orsbeck who was the Princebishop of Trier (1675-1711) I have seen coins by him but never this exavt one...




archbishopric of Trier (German States). The mintmaster initials AL for mintmaster Adam Longerich (mintmaster 1678-1683) thus this was minted in the first year of the mint masters ternure. On the obverse the crowned arms of archbishop Johann Hugo von Orsbeck are depicted. On the reverse the figure of St. Peter with key.

MONETA NOVA TREVIR(ensis) means new coin from Trier.

IOHAN HUGO D.G. ARCH(bishop) TREV(irensis) means Johann Hugo, archbishop of Trier.









^^ another similar one


I have seen these coins come around here and there, the style always varies wildly...I have never seen this exact type and year...and the inscriptions are different than all the others I have seen but that isnt saying anything about it being authentic and I wouldnt know about that. The figure does look a bit different style wise than most I have seen

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I can tell you without doubt that the mint master for the coin is Adam Longerich (the AXL below saint peter ar his intits) and he was mintmaster from 1678-1683 thus this was minted, without doubt, between these years. I assumed it was minted the first year of his tenure...Sorry I can be of more exact help with this.

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Drusus, I appreciate your help



Ok, I think we've got a final verdict FWIW...

No Brian, if it is from 1678, it will be Trier 1 petermenger KM#138 (C#29), which was issued from 1677 to 1681, also in the name of Johann Hugo, who was archbishop of Trier 1676-1711.


In fact the legend says: MONETA NOVA TREVIR(ensis) = new money from Trier, with the mintmasters initials A L from Adam Longerich, mintmaster 1678-1683.

On the obverse you can read: IOHAN(nes) HUGO D(ei) G(ratia) ARCH(episcopus) ET EL(ector) TREV(irensis) = Johann Hugo, by the grace of God archbishop and elector of Trier

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