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8 rolls of US silver dimes


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Hi everyone! I am selling some silver dimes, 8 rolls in all. Prices are as follows, including delivery to the USA:


The following are $50/roll delivered (that's melt!):

1 roll 1964

1 roll 1963-64

2 rolls 1960s mixed

1 roll 1950s-1960s mixed


The following are $55/roll delivered:

1 roll 1950s mixed

1 roll 1940s-1950s mixed Roosevelts (44 are from 1946-49)


This roll is $70 delivered:

mixed Mercury and Roosies (43 Mercs, 7 1950s Roosies)


PM or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com if interested. These prices are for check or money order, I can take Paypal too, but you'll need to add a couple bucks to cover the fees. Whatever isn't sold by tomorrow afternoon will be listed on eBay. Thanks!

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