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Copy of a 1574 Thaler or medal?


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I bought a collection of Dutch coins and there was this 1975 copy of a Thaler or medal:



As far as I understand, obverse is dedicated to the relief of Leiden (Netherlands) from the Spanish siege on 3 October 1574, while reverse depicts angel Yahweh killing one hundred eighty-five thousand men of the Assyrian army, thus ending the Assyrian Siege of Jerusalem (2 Kings 18:13-19:37).


I could not find any information on the original coin or medal. I don't have the right volume by Davenport. Could anybody advise if it is a copy of a Thaler or not?


Another interesting thing about this copy is something that looks like a finesse figure at the bottom of obverse: GL900. The copy's weight is 24,16 and it does not look silver to me. But my main question is if this is a copy of a Thaler or a medal.

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Whatever it is, the piece appears to commemorate the lifting of the siege (by the Spanish) of the Dutch town of Leyden. The event is still celebrated every year on the 3rd of october (or so i'm led to believe).


I'm pretty sure that it is a modern replica of a medal (schautaler?) rather than a taler made for use in commerce, besides which I can't find any trace of it in Davenport or Bachtell.

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