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Coins scattered across Hwy 17 after armored car crash


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Coins scattered across Hwy. 17 after armored car crash

San Jose Mercury News

January 4, 2007


An armored car flipped on Highway 17 on Thursday, closing the mountainous route near Summit Road for three hours and sending police and firefighters to their hands and knees as they scrambled to pick up hundreds of dollars in change that had scattered across the roadway.


The money -- everything from pennies to silver dollars -- was spread over at least 100 feet of northbound 17 near the Santa Cruz-Santa Clara county line after the truck's driver lost control of his vehicle about 2



When Vis was told that rumors flying around the Summit area already had placed the amount of money on the road at $1 million, he laughed and said that wasn't the case.





Highway 17 runs between San Jose and Santa Cruz in northern California.

The television channel 11 news report said that "gold coins" were involved.



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