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I bought this on eBay I think it could be a die trial but I am not sure if it's for a coin or medal.

It is maybe austrian, It is uniface the legend reads "otp. &. carn. dux. com. rittb. s. c. m. cons. intaur. velleris eques", the reverse is blank.

It is 45 mm and made from possibly tin or may be lead.

Can anyone help me please?


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Reminds me of the seal off a very expensive bottle top! :ninja:


It was suggest it could be a seal on anouther forum aswel Geordie, so you could be right. However someone else on the other forum said "Same legend/coat of arms as 18th century Liechtenstein coinage. "

It does appear to be the same design as Liechtenstein coinage below is a picture of an 1900 coin reverse. I can't find any pictures of coins dating to the 17th century though.


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