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WI D Low Leaf showing on Roll end.

Dave M.

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This is my first post ever and I am happy to be here with so many great minds. Knowledge is what I am lacking but I'm not here to be a sponge only. Maybe I can be of some help to others down the road, who knows?


Today, I am asking about a Roll of WI D Quarters that has one of the popular Low Leaf Varieties Showing on one end of a Orange/White N.F. String & Sons, Inc. ever so familiar paper roll. I paid under $200.00 for this Roll over a year ago and now I hardly see these for sale. In fact, on ebay there are not as many of these WI D Errors for sale as there were a few months ago, not even close. I am tempted to bust this puppy open but I know better as a collector! Does anyone know if these Rolls are Taylor Made by this company? More harshly spoken would be rigged by someone. I'm sure many of you have seen the ads on ebay of folks selling these rolls with an error showing on one end and in some cases even errors on both ends. Then in their feedback more errors were discovered in the rolls that were opened by buyers who just didn't have the patience to shelf the roll.


I cannot find any printed documentation about these rolls and that is why I come to you, the experts for some advice. Your comments will be appreciated much.


Thank you,


Dave M.

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