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Proof Kennedy's with white stain


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You should use acetone and then distilled water later. The reason why you should use distilled water is because tap water has some impurities which may leave some scratch marks. And in the end, you should use some kind of cotton cloth and gently pat it to dry.


However do wait for other people to comment on this before trying it out!

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I have enough experience on proof gold coins to know following


Acetone needs to flash off by itself in two or three seconds ; in order to get that you need

like 22 C or better room temperature

Tap water leaves saltstains on gold proofs

Even the supermaket distilled water bought for irons to iron clothing will leave tell tale marks

So I clean up in summer


If I have to clean up in winter I use emergency procedures

Leave the coin in acetone till clean

Then put the coin under hot tapwater till hot , dunk the coin in acetone for two seconds and take out

The acetone will flash off

This is not recommended unless you have a facefilter or a well ventilated area

I have a double facefilter carbon for airbrushing

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Proof coins are nearly impossible to clean without it being noticed. I wouldn't bother unless you are well practiced in cleaning them.


Circulation issued coins are are fairly easy with acetone or a jewelers "pickle" which is something like a mixture of warmed pool chemicals and peroxide, pretty toxic, so only use that method if you know what you're mixing, we don't need anyone hurting themselves with a chemical burn or toxic vapor inhalation.

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