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1959 to 1967 silver dollar sets


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If you're selling to a dealer, expect the coins to be bought for "scrap silver" unless they're in exceptionally high grades. Probably C$6.50-7 a coin.


Virtually all of the dates from 1963 are extremely common (can be bought for $10 or less), and 1959-62 usually have a small premium on their retail price, but are usually bought at the same price as the demand is very small, so some dealers just buy and sell them as "scrap" since it's not worth to save them to keep in stock.

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By sets, do you mean in pilofilm? These are high grade coins and they demand a premium. I can look up prices if you are interested. I am looking for a few and have duplicates of many more if anyone is interested in trading.


I haven't worked out the logistics of how we might go about that, but it must be better than trading on EBAY.




Hello all,

I have a friend that wants to know how much silver dollar sets are? Years from 1959 to 1967.


Any help of value will help.

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