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William and Mary Sixpences

Guest Stujoe

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Guest Stujoe
William III and Mary II 1689-1694 (Minted 1693 & 1694)





The coins of William and Mary are often considered some of the nicest in terms of the Early Milled world. Indeed high grade specimens particularly so, as they show the super craftmanship of this particular denomination. The normal 1693 sixpence is the most common example of the three types in this reign. Another 1693 variant exists, but this is an error variety (with an upside down three in the date) and thus beyond the scope of this collection This regular example is a very high grade specimen.








This coin is probably the 'rarest' of the whole run of sixpences from 1674-1694, this date is a tough one and very rarely seen, however like buses 1694 sixpences all come at once. You can go through a period without seeing any and then when you have one they suddenly appear left right and centre, suggesting they are not as rare as the catalogues would have you believe. The example below is a nice find for this particular year.



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Still looking for a W&M for my sixpence set.


I would think a nice example would not be too difficult to find. Have fun with the search.

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