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  1. Coindealer is numismatologist ( a person who studies collectors in order to learn how to earn on them
  2. Hi Alex - thank you for the hint, but I afraid, he doesn't visit Europe, and I don't know how to deliver such a big quantity overseas. By the way, have you received my email a week ago?



  3. Hi Dzmitry,

    Have you tried Alex Basok at Rusty Pennies? He does deal in wires.

    See: http://www.rustypennies.com/



  4. Frankly, I've registered to find Russian coin dealer in Europe, since I have a huge hoard of Ivan the Terrible wire copecks (premium grades, VF...Unc). Is there any? Not obligatory for sale, swap also interests me (since I love ancient and medieval coinage of Europe).
  5. Russian section is much smaller Still, I'm happy that I got in a right place
  6. I wander which one is best Forum on the matter in English? Maybe not too good question to ask on this Forum, but still...
  7. Hello! I see introduction and establishment of credentials is neccessary here. In which form? I'm new here too - which information should I provide to join the community?
  8. Site is the best on the matter. Surprisingly rare collector is interested in these coins
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