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  1. Sounds to me like a Chinese counterfeit. I highly suspect it's either a Mary Rose or Technology design (Three coins total known to have Two Pounds on both sides, Undated Mary Rose, 2015 Dated Mary Rose & 2015 Technology) Check my attached image.
  2. Just wondered if anyone sees anything worthy of note among this lot of coins my gran has asked me to get valued. They're going on Tuesday to a local dealer, but anything rare/semi valuable I'd like to know beforehand.
  3. Can't get Omnicoin to register me ??

  4. I'll stick my neck out and say it's worth nothing as it's a fake, sorry.
  5. What's really annoying me is the best error coin in my collection, an 1872 brockage penny (My avatar) has a hole (Had a ring loop through it until I removed it) presumably was worn on a chain or cord due to it being an oddity. Such a shame
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