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    Just about anything collectible. Love to read, specially about history and any war related material. I like coin collecting and like the website I created, I collect many things.
  1. Some of you have seen videos of me freeing coins out of the imprisonment of slabs And as I always mention, I don't recommend people doing it without knowing that there is a risk that comes with it if done. I also advice people NOT to try it on expensive coins unless you know of a method which is 100% accurate that no damage will happen to the coin. Well, I also say that I have messed up coins before but you have not seen that part of "behind the scenece" while cracking a slab. With that said. This topic is for educational purposes only. And I will show you how quick cracking a slab can go
  2. I don't either. Specially not to PCGS (which I do not support). Bill, I used that method (with a hammer) you mentioned but it was messy! So now that I found the vise to be easier and cleaner, I'll stick to it.
  3. Anyone tried this yet? I have made a couple of videos before opening slabs with a happen and a towel. Most of the time it was dangerous and messy with sharp pieces of plastic flying and falling all over the place. Kind of had me like this... Now, I have always wanted to try a cleaner and smoother method. So I researched many ways of doing it and found a way I wanted to try. This method required a towel, a shop vise and a small flat-head screw driver to open. So here is my first time opening up a slab using the shop vise. I must add that it was easy, clean and didn't take much
  4. I have so many world notes (few US notes) that I don't remember which was my last purchase. I have a video but because I mess up so much and say a couple of bad words, I don't want to put it on here (sure you can find it). So instead, I'll just post some photos. It kept saying most of my pics were too large.
  5. I have to agree with thedeadpoint. It looks to have been washed a couple of times, resulting in a mat finish. But it's a common P (Philadelphia) mint cent.
  6. This is a great coin collecting forum. However, if you collect other stuff like comic books, bottles, like to metal detect and or have a passion for antiques and historical things, then Collectors Unleashed is the place to be. Other than a forum it is simply fun, with many, more modern features to offer like creating your own and user friendly galleries, read interesting blogs about collectibles, chat LIVE with other collectors with the same interest as yours or go and play in the arcade room.Check it out and see how friendly the members are. You might actually be surprised of the quality of m
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Rigo, I am a toned coin collector with other interests as well. I am 29 and live in Florida. I never saw this forum before and decided to join as it seems to be very interesting. Hope to make some new friends and learn more about this great hobby.
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