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  1. Was going through my coins and I found an old Soviet 5 Ruble coin that I was given back in the early 1980's. On one side it has the Soviet state seal and '5 Rubles' on it. On the other it mentions the upcoming 1980 olympics and has an image of a weightlifter. The coin is dated 1979. What I want to know is... what is this coin? I believe it came from a set. Is it just a commemorative? I doubt it was actually intended to be used as legal tender. It seems to be made of silver. Where can I find out more about these sorts of coins?
  2. Thanks, this helps a great deal. Two more questions... When did the Russian government stop minting coins? I know that 1917 coins are somewhat expensive and I haven't been able to find any for 1918 in casual searches. Was there a gap between the Tsarist period before Soviet production took over?
  3. I was wondering if anyone can help me with locating the mint marks on the coins named above. The only letters I have found on them are below the Tsarist eagle where they say B and C (in Cyrillic of course). Are these the mint initials? I have earlier kopek coins that have and A and C there as well. What do these mean?
  4. Thank you all for the wealth of information. I am learning a great deal from this forum. I was wondering if there may be a book that you could recommend on this topic (generally because I also have to cite my sources - and I love that information about the changeover in 1931). Its good to learn which of these coins are more rare than others.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew when the Soviets stopped using precious metals in their coins. I don't know if they ever used gold (I haven't seen any), and I know that they used silver into the mid 1920's. I have several coins from the 30's that are NOT copper or silver. I was also wondering if anyone knew what alloys they switched to and why?
  6. Ok everyone, I am kind of new at this coin photography thing, but I'm going to have to add some to my history website and need your expertise. Sadly my best camera is a cell phone (the old 0.75MP Mavica just wont cut it anymore) on a LG Galaxy. 1) Any advice for using a cell phone for this. 2) What is 'White Balance' and what does it do? I usually edit the color balance and stuff on Photoshop later. 3) Backgrounds are kinda important and I don't want to screw it up. I usually use plain khaki for my orders, medals, and weaponry. I just don't think this will work well for coins - I think it will wash them out (both copper and silver) against the plain khaki background.
  7. Thank you for your opinion. With most of the eBay copper kopeks its easy to see they are not terribly valuable, but I will double check all of them before doing anything to be sure. That is why I am glad I joined this forum so I can better understand the value and preservation of what I am getting into (the hobby looked deceptively simple from the outside...)
  8. That sounds like a good idea. I have maybe a few dozen coins in total, a very small collection compared to many here. I primarily focus on military items, but I intend to gain more coins of different types from the 19th century to more fully showcase the feel of the era. Where do you stand on the idea of cleaning them (just this one time) and putting them in the airtite container?
  9. Hello, I was wondering what the best manner for storing coins? Full disclosure: 1) They are only common Russian/Soviet coins from 1840-1990, nothing too valuable. 2) They are used to provide a civilian context to military history exhibits. 3) They need to be photographed for a historical website before they are put in storage, but will be used in public historical exhibitions from time to time. Now, I am going to ask the dreaded question - since they are common, should I gently clean them before putting them in whatever protective media that you all recommend? Thank you for any help
  10. Hello, I came across your site while researching Russian coins of Nicholas I and Alexander II. While I typically research military items, I also realize that coins, banknotes, and stamps offer other insights into history. In this I want to say that you have an amazing amount of information (and site your sources too!). I have already learned a great deal from reading several articles about Imperial Russian coins. Keep up the good work! All the best, Sgt Stavka
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