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    I also have a passion for old & foreign banknotes.
  1. Thanks Art1.2, I have had a quick look on-line and have not found much in the way of information on most of them. I struggled to find any real information on any of them, particularly the Belgian and Ten Gulden note(s) with Princess Emma on. I have heard that the note with the Princess on was for Liberation purposes... I have also had a quick look on Ebay for all of the notes (and found most of them), and it was inconclusive as the prices are just what the seller thinks their items are worth... Thanks Again
  2. Morning, I recently bought a small collection of Pre-WWII and WWII banknotes and coins from a small militaria shop near to where I live. I was hoping that someone would be able to give me more information on the notes/coins, as I purchased them specifically because of the dates they were printed/minted. If someone could give me more information or even a value I will be very grateful. I have graded the notes as honestly and fairly as possible. I bought all of it for £10, and quickly bought them home and put it all into protective sleeves and cases. As I walked in he had just
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