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  1. I thought I would share this dramatic grease error with everyone. It hasn't been certified, but I did show it (in person) to 2 respected dealers and they agreed there was no sign of tampering to remove the "Indian" (or last digit of date) which we collectors know, isn't an Indian at all, but rather, Liberty with a headdress on. I am debating on sending this in for authentication or just listing it for sale in its raw state. I know grease errors don't typically demand large premiums, but this is pretty extreme.
  2. Thanks for the input on my coin, I guess it's just a novelty. Of course, I was hoping it could have been something caused by the mint. I do appreciate the help! I'm going to post another cent I have which features errors, I am confident are not post mint in nature. I will title the topic, "Struck through grease error ~ Missing Indian" Again, thanks for the input on the 1940 cent.
  3. Hi, everyone . I am a brand new member, here. I have this 1940 Lincoln Cent and I'm not sure if this is an error that happened at the mint or in somebody's garage. Could these indentations have been produced at the mint? I have searched high and low and cannot find any resources citing such markings. Thanks for your help.
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