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  1. I got mine when my wife went to Alberqurque. It seems no one is trading rolls now? What's happened to our left siders? Fatcat
  2. I have rolls of P mint quarter rolls I'd like to trade for D mint. It doesn't have to be the same state for state. I have: California Oklahoma X3 Montana X2 Idaho X2 Utah X3 Wyoming X3 Washington North Carolina (in plastic) Oregon (in plastic) North Dakota West Virginia X2 (one in plastic) New Mexico X3 Arizona X2 I need any D rolls before 2005 and: California Kansas West Virginia Nebraska Washington Wyoming Arizona Fatcat
  3. I'm interested. Get your post count up and post again.
  4. I'd do it to get the D mint but it doesn't say which mint mark you will get. Luckily my bank does get them. I get extra rolls and spend them like normal to get them in circulation. Not that it does much good. :/ Fatcat
  5. He lives in Arizon and thinks the Arizona quarter is "among the most beautiful". What a shock. I think the N.C. quarter was the penicle of designs and they should have stopped there. Fatcat
  6. I can get the Sac's from a local dealer. PM me if you wish to buy them. Fatcat
  7. I also have New Mexico P roll to trade for D. PM me if interested. Fatcat PS I am still looking for a roll of Washington state D quarters. I have Wyoming and Oklahoma P rolls to trade.
  8. In the small box? Only 110 coins is my guess. Fatcat
  9. I can hold a roll to trade you. PM me when you get a roll to trade. I am interested in older state rolls too if you happen to have some to trade. Fatcat
  10. I have Oklahoma P rolls to trade for D rolls. PM if you're interested. Fatcat
  11. Not sure of the design but I'd be a half penny. :-/ Fatcat
  12. Well, if you have everything, let's start with Austria. Austria 2003 .01E and .10E thru 2.00E Austria 2004 .01E Austria 2004 .02E Austria 2004 .10E thru 2.00E Austria 2005 .01E thru 1.00E Austria 2006 .01E thru .50E and 2.00E Austria 2007 all Austria 2008 all Keith
  13. I'm looking to buy circulated Euro coins. PM me and I'll send you a list of what I have/need. Fatcat
  14. Anyone here collect the Euro coins? I have some I'd like to trade. Extras: € 0.01 Spain 1999 € 0.02 Italy 2002 Spain 1999 France 1999 Ireland 2002 Ireland 2003 France 2000 € 0.05 Italy 2002 Ireland 2002 France 1999 Spain 1999 Germany 2002J Germany 2002A Austria 2002 Spain 2003 Spain 2004 Spain 2005 € 0.10 Germany 2002J Germany 2002D Germany 2002G Spain 1999 Germany 2002A Ireland 2002 € 0.20 Germany 2002F Germany 2002G Germany 2002J Germany 2002D Spain 1999 France 1999 Austria 2002 Ireland 2002 Luxemburg 2002 € 0.50 Germany 2002J Spain
  15. I'd like to get one. Nothing to trade so I'll paypal for it. Fatcat
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