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  1. I was at the recent Central States Numismatic Convention in Chicago where I and my oldest son exhibited. That was fun and he's really interested in continuing to research his topic and to work on the aesthetics as well. Now my second son has taken a big interest in identifying world coins as well as the Britannia pennies more specifically. Now he's already palnning to exhibit something next April. If they can sharpen their writing skills maybe soon a published YN article will be in their future. I also got some interesting advice on how to get kids ready to win college scholarships with the help of numismatics. The short version is distinguish yourself with interesting and esoteric activities, that's more effective than doing the standard things that everyone does.

  2. My son Alex has gotten interested in the Britannia figure on British pennies. What would be a reasonable proce for a gF/aVF 1797 penny with honest wear but no major problems? utside of ebay are there good sources for less expensive British coins?



  3. Here are two new medals. The first is from the Amsterdam World's Fair. This one Dupuis did just the reverse as it's unsigned it doesn't often show in searches for Dupuis but once I looked for Amsterdam Exposition it wasn't so difficult






    Then this one is a civil issue for one of the river departments for which Dupuis executed several medals. This one is the Department de la Seine



  4. Those are copies or fantasies made for tourists. The first one has Hermes with pelatos and caduceus which is a rare combo like that. The design is closest to the coins of Bithynia but not an exact copy. The last most likely imitates the triskeles coins from Syracuse.

  5. I see that 47 hubs are still for sale post auction and that 180 sold from $200 to $1000 averaging right around $300. As a collector I could see getting one pair but with this kind of volume who are the buyers? Are there that many collectors of this stuff? I do find it interesting to see hubs, I wonder if the French art deco engravers worked the same way. It would make sense for certain of the common types where just a little detail changes from medal to medal.

  6. Just to add to what Carl was saying: Ebay will give you an average price. For some things it will get enough bidders that prices will be close to the maximum based on demand but for some things that are rare or where confidence matters other venues generate higher values though the process tends to take longer.

  7. There's an official Heritage explanation on the esylum today


    "The dies and hubs were purchased recently from the Goetz family by an anonymous consignor who wished for Heritage Auctions to present them over the course of the next year. Most of the dies and hubs have been used. For those of your readers unfamiliar with the die production process, hubs are the “positive” image produced for use as a master to impress the “negative” image into a die to ensure uniformity as dies wear out and need to be replaced. We have noted in our descriptions those dies with large cracks or excessive corrosion but strongly encourage potential bidders to carefully examine our high-resolution photographs prior to bidding as these lots are being offered “as-is” due to their weight and the large numbers of them that we are trying to sell. We are selling the dies in order as they are presented in Kienast and so will be presenting the history of Germany in the form of dies either commemorating or criticizing current events from the turn of the 20th century through World War II.:


    So it seems to me that it'll be quite probable we could see new veriosn of popular types being struck in the future. Even if the HPA applies to medals in the US it doesn't seem clear that items struck with original dies are imitations. They are restrikes by the legitimate owner so I don't know that there'd be any legal prohibition from creating new medals.

  8. When the price is going down any inventory that is sold at the lower price is likely going to be a loss so it makes sense for dealers to resist lowering prices as quickly as they raise them. Sooner or later new supply that was bought at the lower price should come up for sale and if there's legitimate competition those prices should be in line with spot silver. I think the larger the dealer the more likely it is that you'll get a spot + price.

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