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  1. My question is if there are any good guidelines to spotting a fake coin........??
  2. I have received this coin from a friend, but can't figure out where or what it might be. Please help?
  3. I have done a little more research on the terminology- COUNTERSTAMP is an official punch mark to signify legal tender status of a foreign coin or change in value of a domestic coin [eg, Spanish dollars counterstamped with image of George III]
  4. Hello! Anyone know of jewelry shops in Waco TX? I'm searching for a specific jewelry item. Any help or suggestions is appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Wow!! its an amazing collection of coins!! I too have made a collection of hammered coins via Cash Pawn, they have a brilliant range.
  6. I do collect ancient coins but not in any particular way. I keep buy the ones that i can afford, no matter they are Roman, Greek or any specific coin.
  7. Pawn shops usually charge less than other shops. Many of my friends love coin collection and they visit pawn stores more often. There is local pawn shop named cash pawn sales, ithey say its one of the best to offer cheap coins.
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