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  1. Can you PM me a list of your note? ANd please tell me what you want? I collcting UNC banknotes from Vietnam, Russia, America, China. Thanks Bang
  2. Hey Grant Ness, I am interested in your US Dollar. What do you want to trade with? I have couple UNC notes sitting around my desk. Bang
  3. Less than 20$ each will be best, and I hope they are UNc, AU or XF
  4. Hi friends, I just start collecting Chiense old banknotes and coins. I am interested in the currency and coins form the Qing Dyansty upto the CHienses revolution, pre communist era. Do you ahve any? Please let me know.
  5. If anyone have any Pre communist Russian notes for sale or exchange, please send me a message. Thank you!
  6. Are you sure about the Chinese coins are real? OR they are fakes so that is why they are so cheap?
  7. http://www.rcoins.com/ Hope anyone here understand the Cyrillic. Bang
  8. http://coins2001.narod.ru/enbon.htm Enjoy
  9. I saw in one of my local coin store in Santa Barbara, CA, selling one 1,000 Dolalr green seal. Th econdition seems to be AU or UNC. and the price they sell I remember is range from 5,000 to 6,000 dollar. Would this be too high?
  10. SO this means even if someone has such a note, he or she has to give up the note and hand over to the government in order to avoid the penalty??
  11. http://www.moneyfactory.gov/document.cfm/5/42/1359 Why?
  12. Thanks Mr. Orc, nice collection, thanks for sharing with us Bang
  13. Hey please share with us your old Russian notes! "God Save the Tsar"
  14. If any of you can post some pictures to share, that would be a great idea. Thanks guys
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