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  1. You are correct that copper people are anal, and it does matter whether you are selling or buying. Just remember that used car salesman with that nice old sedan owned by his dear departed grandmother.
  2. Large cents in general most generic dealers will qualify this as very fine. but. EAC grade would more likely be good 5 based on the sheldon scale, and without coin in hand. Ron
  3. Went down and got 2 rolls of the new Presidential Dollars Denver mint. Did notice one thing the edge lettering is kind of neat, that it varies coin to coin which way it reads sometimes it is up or down.
  4. If you can trust a dealer to select choice sets to send you. Go that route or My best bet would be to go to a local or major coin shows and do a little leg work and hand pick some beautys your self. just my 2 cents worth. Ron
  5. Hello all my name is Ronald Kroupa. I live in Northwest Michigan. Have been a collector for over 30 years and am starting over again. Not really specailized, just what ever looks good to the eye.
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