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  1. i have some 10 bat thailand coin . i love them. same with you my coin were i bought when i trip at bangkok too.
  2. i love silver coin. collect them are happy
  3. 1930 BRITAIN TRADE DOLLAR chinese Coin identification rating company box ----AU55 i love trade dollar most of my coins are trade dollar, i know this trade dollar is 100% original. i had list this coin before some days at here. most collector konw NGC, PCGS and other, mybe most of them do not know now chinese have china Coin identification rating company. here is my show. just as some guys said : china have much copy coins. but chinese collector donot love copy too. china is a big and strange country, and here have old and Brilliant civilization but not good for li
  4. i can not agree your advice. in fact at china trade dollars is not chinese counterfeiters' favorites. UK trade dollars product is good and with Classic Side of the gear and not Complex as chinese coin , so it is easy to Distinguish. at china, all coins lover often discuss copy coins. of cause at china easy to find copy but most lovers do not love copy and sell copy, every time and every where we still want to do some for stop copy. i know your advice is good, but i want every lover knows : chinese do not love copy, and want not promise copy. but this is a big questions , i wish some year
  5. my frist hongkong silver coin. l love king.
  6. frist coin seems was shower at silver water.
  7. old coin, always let collectoer love
  8. this is my second japanese silver coin . i love it.
  9. i bought this coin at last week. i love trade dollar.
  10. i shall come to new york next month´╝îbut this is my frist to new york, who can tell me where can find antique shop or coin show? thanks
  11. in chinese we named the paper money's number like this is lion number. in other country is same too?
  12. I only have one Brithish coin. I do not know any knowledge about Brithish coins. I need to study.
  13. Chinese silver coins have much copys , so lovers are very confused about copy. I have 2 old silver coins are origianl. original coins always beautiful than copys.
  14. It is not chinese coin. In china this type are named ' flower coin' . It is used for Blessing or prayer. form your items, it seems not old , it is new, and mybe not silver. I think collect this it is not a good idea. thanks.
  15. You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. --------------my god.
  16. thanks. frist question i had done, second i know what are you said, i have a photo's book on here, but it seems have not work sucess,i shall try again. very thanks your help
  17. hello: i saw every guys who were jioned here, all have a little 'photo' on his web name. i want have too, but i donot know how to do it. i look at my profile but not find 'setting'. how can i do ? by the way, i find i can not put on my coins photos on web's ' attach this file' why? thanks
  18. there are nice. but i need have a book for banknote , without book i donot know much .
  19. hello everyone , i am new member from china. now i am Interesting for coins. very happy join here. my english is poor, so if i write some thine not good, i wish somebady can help. thanks
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