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  1. GBCA is a chinese coin and banknotes certificate like PCGS and others. it is good at china. but not famous as PCGS. at china GBCA is ok. this is a famous hongkong gold shop porduct's gold sycee. chinese love old shop.
  2. this is a chinese dragon silver coin 1908. this is a famous chinese coin company's box chinese collectors all trust this company's box.
  3. i got this coin last year. this type coin is my first chinese dragon coin. chinese coin too much copy, so if you love ,when you bid need careful . some copy are good.
  4. anhui coin are real coin, not easy found. chinese collector love and expensive. i have one, but 1.44; 1 dollar anhui coin too expensive for me.
  5. GBCA is a chinese company for service coins, just as NGC, PCGS etc.. at china , our collector trust this company too.
  6. i love this years coin, always nice. this is my collect
  7. chinese old silver coin. i love chinese coins but too many fake.
  8. this is my frist 1902 China Kiangnan Silver Dollar Dragon Coin at china most collector all love kiangnan dragon coin.
  9. good condition, i love it. chinese silver coin always have much copy, find a original one and good condition is a gift to a collector.
  10. donot know why, but can not read your banknote's picture
  11. it is original? never have ireland some guys can help?
  12. chinese banknotes aucion's book, i have much, any guy love, i want sale some, cheap
  13. auction book. chinese auction book. i have much, any guy love? i want sale some of them, cheap
  14. auction book, i have much , any guy love? i want sale some of them cheap..
  15. i love thailand . good weather for me. good Mango, coconut etc.. i bought some coin ,and found 4 differet coins as normal after i bought subway ticket.
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