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  1. Hi to you all! Does anyone have more info on the following coin: Mozambique 1 centimo 1975 KM#90 Mintage 15,050,000 Prices according to Krause(2006) 60 dollars in XF and 120 dollars in UNC. The reason I want some more info is because the fact that this coin is heavily prized for a coin with a mintagenumber like that. Furthermore I know two different dealers who sell this coin and still have more pieces in stock of this particular coin. I bought one today for only 3 euro's (that includes shipment from Germany to the Netherlands). Is this coin really that scarce or is this just anot
  2. No need to post a pic, my oldest christian era dated coin is also a Hungarian denar. Mine is from 1510 though. I wanted to post my oldest non-hungarian coin, a 1532 one-sided Austrian Klagenfurt pfennig, but somehow I keep getting the message that my pictures are over 1000k which they are not. Peter Paul
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