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  1. Thanks so much for clarifying that, very helpful! I'm from Australia and only really used to our currency and know that if this was the case on our coins and medals it would be considered a rotation. So it's not really valuable at all, and I guess the packaging issue decreases the value even more so. Thanks again for the insight
  2. Hi there everyone, I'm very unfamiliar with coin collecting and value so have a question about what I think is an error and wether it makes this coin more valuable.. I have inherited an 1983 Olympic Dollar .900 fine silver proof edition coin which I understand aren't very valuable - it is still in it's original box, though unfortunately the adhesive holding the cardboard sleeve together aged and split meaning the coin has oxidised a little. I've just noticed though, that that the die of the bald eagle on the reverse of the coin is upside down to the discus thrower on the obverse. I've looked at many images and listings of this coin for sale and they are all right way up and I thought it was standard that the opposite sides of a coin face the same way instead of the images being 180 degrees off? Images attached for reference, Any help and advice is much appreciated, Thanks!
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