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  1. Apparently a key word in description is "antiquarian" meaning fake was produced some time ago. Why this may bring 9000 dollar price I do not know. I guess one who bid for it still had a hope was is not fake.
  2. I read comments from Starsya Moneta forum. I think their point is that as coin is over struck on other 5 kopeck coin this implies that it is a fake.
  3. This story is very intriguing. Thanks for posting.
  4. Here are past prices if you did not know of this site. https://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/id,660/prohod.html
  5. Nevertheless I did not hear Adam and Eve are being called an "ideal" family. They are the first people but not "ideal".
  6. Thanks for detailed explanation. So you called this coin "ideal" because it is extremely rare and would be "ideal" contribution to rare coin collection. Correct?
  7. Hi extant4cell. I read Russian translation of same article you posted at forum Staraya Moneta. Honestly I did not have opportunity to understand why you call IDEAL these 5 kopeck coins. There on Staraya Moneta forum I refrained from asking this as people there are too serious about their hobby. They possibly could just drown me in poop if I did. Could you explain to simple people as me what you meant?
  8. It's fake. Among other things it should have reeded edge. Also only 200 were made. They all are accounted for.
  9. Interesting. I did not know this collection is at Smithsonian. Looking forward to see the pictures. When I will happen to be in Washington DC will definately go to look at the collection.
  10. letters in words RUBLE 1897 are fatter and larger compared to good coin
  11. You forgot to post a picture.
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