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Sorry, no. But those "Last Issue of ..." pieces like that one have been issued in abundance by - or rather in the name of - various countries. See page 1 (bottom) and page 2 here ...



(same theme but a different series)


It's almost impossible to draw a strict line between "coins" and what could be called "pseudo-coins" (non-circulating legal tender). But most of those pieces, from Congo and a few other countries, are almost exclusively aimed at collectors outside the issuing country. Some are well designed and actually pretty, but I tend to avoid them. Gotta draw a line somewhere. :ninja:



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I agree with Christian. One has to draw a line. Too many mints have been abusing numismatics lately issuing in the name of some countries so called coins which have nothing to do with circulation.

I collect African coins mainly, but decided to avoid such pseudo coins. I do not include into my collection crowns issued after 1990, and for the period between 1970 and 1990 collect only those African crowns which depict fauna, flora, personalities or history of the issuing country.

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