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DE €10 "Wilhelm Busch" 2007


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Next year Germany will issue a €10 coin commemorating Wilhelm Busch. The artist, writer and cartoonist was born in 1832; the coin will be out in June '07 ...



This is the winning design:





It shows Busch in a frame with a woodcut style background, in the center of a circle. On the edge of that circle there are small images of his most famous characters, Max & Moritz (right) and the Pious Helene (left).



The idea to repeat that "woodcut" style on the side with the eagle is nice. But I think I would have picked the design that won the second prize. :ninja:



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Hehe, Max und Moritz. Don't they get turned into bread and eaten in the end?

Or have the gruesome endings of German fairytales been changed in past three decades?


Anyway, I do like the design, is the relief going to be variable or is that an optical illusion?

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Hehe, Max und Moritz.  Don't they get turned into bread and eaten in the end?

Indeed. :ninja: But the two have been pretty mean before, so --



Don't think there is a variable relief, like what you see in latent images. The lines just represent the structure of the wood and the carving. Also, usually the German commemorative coins are "flatter" than the designs we first get to see. What almost looks like a sculpture first, gets turned into a low relief piece when the coin is issued. Which is fine for circulation coins - but these commems (even though they are available at face value) do hardly ever circulate anyway ...



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