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US cents

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I am trying to help a French collector with a few cents he needs. (he is buying a large lot of world coins from me, and has asked for some help with these)


These are what he needs. I assume that some of the S mints are proof issues?? Don't know what these run, but don't want to spend too much on this. Would love to be able to pick up a few (or all) in one deal, if possible.



1960 large date; 1960 D large date; 1974 D; 1974 S; 1975 S; 1976 D; 1976 S; 1977 S; 1978 S; 1980 S

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Offer me something worth,say.....40-50 cents.


How about a nice VF-XF 1965 Kennedy half? Been sitting here on my desk collecting dust for a couple months. Had a couple, but have been adding them in as bonuses with some of the packages I have been sending out for my auction sales.


If that sounds fair, PM me your address, and I will get it mailed out ASAP.



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