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ES: Christopher Columbus Series 2006


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This year Spain issues several coins commemorating Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón) who died 500 years ago. There will be a €12 coin that can be purchased at face value in Spain, plus several proof-only pieces that will be more expensive.



€12 silver (Christopher Columbus), mintage max. 4 million



€10 silver (The "Santa Maria"), mintage 12000



€10 silver (The "Niña"), mintage 12000



€10 silver (The "Pinta"), mintage 12000



€50 silver (Landing in Guanahani), mintage 5000



€400 gold (Columbus, King Fernando and Queen Isabel), mintage 3000



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The sizes of these coins are quite different. As with previous series (Antoni Gaudí, Salvador Dalí, Queen Isabel, Don Quijote) the €10 coins are larger than the €12 piece, and the €50 coin is a huge one ...


€12: weight 18.00 g, Ø 33 mm

€10: weight 27.00 g, Ø 40 mm

€50: weight 168.75 g, Ø 73 mm

€400 (gold): weight 27.00 g, Ø 38 mm



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They look nice. Except for the first one. they have very low mintages.

Right, and except for the first one, they will all be fairly expensive. The 2004 Dalí coins, for example, cost about €35 for the 10 euro piece, and €125 for the cincuentín. (Those were the prices for collectors who bought them directly from the Mint.) Don't think that the Columbus coins can be had for less ...


By the way, rumor has it that San Marino will issue a €2 coin on this occasion.



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