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New Member Information and Welcome!

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Welcome to CoinPeople.com! We are very glad you joined and hope that you will stick around and share your knowledge with us!


This post is to say "Hello" and to provide a little information to help you get started.


Who can help me if I am having problems?

akdrv is the Admin for this site and can answer most of your questions. In addition, at the bottom of the Main Page there is a listing of the top posters on the site. Many of these posters are well versed in how to use this site and can also provide assistance. You can also post questions in our Technical Support Forum.


How do I navigate this site?

This site has a lot to offer and it may take a moment for you to figure out how to get where you want to go. You can see This Post for an explanation of how this site is set up.


How do I post a new messages to this site?

It is very easy. When you enter a forum such as the Coin Forum, you will see a link on the top and bottom right hand side of the page that says "New Topic". Click this and it will bring up a posting window where you may enter the title of your message and the message itself. When you are done, click the Submit button at the bottom of the posting window.


How do I reply to a message on this site?

This is also very easy. When you enter a message thread such as This One, you will notice that there is a link that says Reply on the right hand side of every message. Simply clicking one of those Reply links will open up a posting window, where you may enter the title of your message and the message itself. When you are done, click the Submit button at the bottom of the posting window.


How do I post a picture?

We provide a photo album where you can upload a picture to our servers. You can learn about that feature in This Thread.


Additionally, OmniCoin.com is a great place to post photos of your entire coin collection. You can learn more about OmniCoin.com Here.


Getting a picture from the Photo Album to a post is explained in This Tutorial.


Where can I advertise my website or coins that I have for sale?

We have a set of categorized Advertising Forums for just this purpose.


However members must be a member for 30 days and have 25 posts prior to buying/selling on the site. This INCLUDES deals made within all coin forums.


Is this site just about coins?

The main focus of this site is coins, banknotes and other numismatic discussions. We are, however, an online community and understand that people want to get to know each other and have discussion not related to just coins. We have created an area of the forums just for that purpose. Information on how to participate in this area can be found on This Page.


What else does this site offer?

We have many things to offer besides just talking about coins. We have many Voting Competitions such as our Popular Coin Idol, the Popular Note Competition, the Ugly Coin Competition and the Coin Grading Challenge. We also have a Coin Museum, various Articles, a number of Contests and Giveaways and much, much more. Please take a look around and you will find many things to see and do.


Again, Welcome to CoinPeople.com. We hope you will jump in and join in the fun!

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