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Any Idea of Value


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I was going to put this previously uncleaned coin into my next give away. But it seems to be a slightly rarer piece. It looks like RIC 734 Sear RCV 6465 of Septimus Severus.


If it is over $10, I guess it'll have to go on ebay :ninja:



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Curtis Clay of HJB to the rescue



That's not an As, but an ancient copper cast, sometimes called a

limesfalsum, of a new-style Eastern denarius, with rev. PAR AR AD TR P VI

COS II P P, Victory advancing left.

For an ancient cast, that's a nice specimen, sharp and well

patinated. I would say it's worth $20 or so, maybe more.




My experience sounds much like this one Limesfalsum


For those of you with limited German skills I'll summarize. Basically there was a local money shortage in the Danube region of the Roman emperor during Severan times. So people started to make copies of the official issues in base metal. Since they coins could not have passed as legimate denari or sestertii it is assumed these were at least tolerated by the government. It reminds me a lot of the Civil War tokens of the United States 1861-1864.

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