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Help with taking coin pics

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I don't know why, but I have the hardest time taking pics of dimes. They usually come out looking like they are carved from granite. This example is a nice shiny coin, no blazing luster, but a nice coin.





I don't have trouble with the other denominations. They are acceptable to me.1937reverse.JPGfingerprint2.JPG



I have read the tips section, but more equipment is not an option. I have tried direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, incandescent and florescent lighting. Any suggestions?





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Have you tried cutting the ends off a plastic milk jug and taking the picture with the light shining through the sides of the jug. Extra Equipment I know but not that expensive.


I have had good results cutting the bottom out of a jug and cutting the top off to fit the camera lense.

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You did pretty well with that finger print on that quarter. :ninja:


Noticed that fingerprint right off, didn't ya! With everyone talkin' about the type of coins they are collectin', I thought I'd start something new. Coins with the human touch. I got a couple of nickles and a few quarters. But the most prized coin in my new type set is a coin with a confederate general riding an appaloosa pony. ;)

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