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1977 2 new pence coin weighing 6g

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With a mintage of 109,281,000, 1977 2p coins are definitely not rare. Unless it's uncirculated or proof it's not going to be worth much if anything above face value.

I am a bit perplexed by the weight though: the Royal Mint lists a nominal weight of 7.12 gm which is almost 20% above the weight of your coins. My advice would be to try second scale; if both come in at ~6 gm the coin would have to be examined in person.

Aside from the weight-differential question, it was pretty straightforward to find info about current UK coins, such as this for the 2p piece.

Trivia: the wording "NEW PENCE" came about when Britain switched from its old pound/shilling/pence coinage system to decimal pounds. "NEW" was put on all coins to reflect the switch from so-called "old pence" worth 1/240 of a pound to decimal pence worth 1/100 of a pound.  After people became accustomed to the new coins, the Royal Mint dropped the word "NEW" from all coins over the period 1982-83.

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