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1909 s vbd


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If you could get a photo straight on (not at an angle) and with the light more diffused and a bit further away from the coin, that would help a lot.  Also, a high resolution photo would help to give an opinion.

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High resolution, straight-on photos are imperative in diagnosing coins.  There are two visual put offs for me on the coin.  First, is the position of the mint mark.  Although the photo is at a slight angle, it still does not look like it is in the proper position.  There are generally four accepted dies for the 1909S V.D.B. cents, and the position of this mint mark does not appear to be in proper position.  However, without a proper photo, it is hard to tell for certain.  As well, the shape and idiosyncrasies of the S are important to be able to view.  It is possible that the mint mark has been added to a genuine 1909 V.D.B.

I say that because of the second problem I have with what I am able to make out with the photos.  On the reverse, the V.D.B. looks like a 1909 V.D.B. die as well as possibly tooled.  The B really does not look correct at all.  But with such a low resolution, it is hard to tell exactly.  Neither do the dots look to be in the right place. Neither does the V.D.B. even look to be positioned properly. But, that could all be the low-res photos.

The topper should be a $500-$700 coin be offered to you for only $100 along with other added merchandise.  I would not take the chance personally.  That does not say that your friend is necessarily trying to do you wrong as he/she may not have any question as to the authenticity of the coin, nor knowledge of the value of such.  You would be the one to have any knowledge on that front.

I hope this assessment helps you.

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