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OmniCoin is an online community where numismatists the world over can showcase their coin collections and interact with other passionate collectors.


OmniCoin membership offers the following benefits:


Showcase your collection.

Build your online collection gallery. Upload an unlimited number of coins with obverse and reverse images as well as complete descriptions. In addition to displaying your collection on OmniCoin, you can place a link to your coin images on other websites or forums.


Identify coins.

Identify coins based on our growing database of coin images. Contact other collectors to obtain additional information.


Discover your overall collection’s and your individual coins’ popularity ratings.

Find out how your collection rates based on the number of coin views.


Contact other collectors.

Find other like-minded collectors based on their

interests, geographical areas and other parameters.


Post coins for sale.

Optionally offer to sell your coins at your own set asking price. All such enquiries will be sent directly to your email address.


Comment on other collectors’ coins.

Exchange comments with other collectors from around

the globe.


Receive email notifications of newly added coins.

Set up your email alerts to be notified on the basis on coin country, mint year or description.


Online want lists.

Setup your own and search through other members' want lists.

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