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Collecting corruption


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Hi y'all been a collector for years and I've come to a point in my collecting where I've had enough of the corruption in collecting after the recent release of the reverse proof eagle this week. The U.S. mint is allowing corruption within its buildings and or distribution to the public and I wonder if there is a way to stop it? I know so many people that are upset or sick of not being able to order coins from the u.s. mint website since greed has corrupted the hobby. The mints website stated 1 coin per. Household. Yet the coin sold out in 10 minutes and of course once again so many of us could not order. Don't get me wrong this is not a complaining whining forum post this is a forum to try and find a solution to the corruption in collecting. I researched EBay, Amazon etc. After the coin sold out. And shockingly not only was everyone selling this coin at 1000% mark up but I also found many sellers that had MANY of this 1 coin per household coin that was released. I found one seller that had over a 100 of them. This is wrong on so many levels. There has to be corruption within the u.s. mint with employees or the system and there probley is no solution but if there is what do we do? I am seeing this problem on every release of coins. And it's ugly. They run a treasure hunt all year to encourage people to collect again with the W mint quarters and offer a bounty for first finds. Hmmm ironically the coins are discovered before actual release dates. Heck we Havnt even seen the new quarter in our city and yet they been  all over ebay for weeks. The greed and corruption is disgusting and ruining the fun of the hobby. Fix it u.s. mint. 

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I know that it is very discouraging and I think that unfortunately there is not solution to most of the problems you mentioned.

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