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1983 Varieties in different Mint Strike Finishes


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For Canada Small Cents, in 1983, there were two major varieties, Far Beads and Near Beads. According to certain guides and the online price guide, Far and Near Beads are supposed to exist in all four RCM Strike finishes, Business or circulation strike (MS), Prooflike (PL), Specimen (SP), and Proof (PR). However, I have only been able to find Near Beads in all four types and Far Beads only in Business Strike. I was able to purchase Far Beads and Near Beads in MS-65 Red, so I am using these two pennies to check the other pennies from the other Strike Types. However, maybe Far Beads and Near Beads look different in PL, SP, and PR, and I am checking them incorrectly. For that reason, I have been asking someone to please post photos of Far and Near Beads in PL, SP, and PR. I want to see each variety side by side in the same RCM strike type. Another reason I am asking for photos is because no dealer on the Internet sells both varieties in anything but MS, so I am questioning that Far Beads actually exist in the other three strike types. I would like to see both Far and Near Beads side by side in the same mint strike finish to prove they do exist in something other than MS. Maybe someone who reads this can answer my question. Maybe someone knows Far Beads only exists in Business Strike and I am wasting my time looking for it. Maybe Far Beads and Near Beads look different in other Strike Types, and my Business Strike coins are not helping me, but confusing me. I am hoping someone has collected both varieties in all four mint strike types and can post photos to prove that both types exist in all four strike finishes. However, please do not post photos of Business Strike coins or links that use Business Strike coins as examples because that is not what I want and will not help. Thanks. :)


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After talking with more than 20 coin dealers and two exerts I have concluded that the coin guides are mistaken and that the 1983 Canada Small Cent (Far Beads) variety only exist in Business Strike (made for circulation). There are no photos on the Internet proving that variety exists in any other mint strike type, nor has there ever been one graded or auctioned in PL, SP, or PR. All of the 1983 Canada Small Cent (Far Beads) varieties that have been graded are all MS or circulated grades proving that it does not exist in anything else but Business Strike. If one exists in any other strike type, it is either extremely rare, incorrectly identified, or a fake. Because I could not find one in any of the other mint strike types, I have decided it must be and can only be found in Business Strike. Please prove me wrong with photos of Far Beads side by side with Near Beads in PL, SP, and/or PR if you disagree. 

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