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De He Xiang,  Hebei Province, 10 Tiao Remainder with no date. Never seen one that color, It's an odd color, I thought they were supposed to be yellow.  Probably distressed to look old. It could be counterfeit. I could be wrong.

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The picture you give is not very clear, but I can say the following:

This is clearly Chinese. Not Japanese.

奏辦湖廣公債票 (in modern characters it would be written as 奏办湖广票)

= hú refers to 湖南 (Húnán Province)

=guǎng refers to 廣東 (Guǎngdōng Province)

公债 = public debt, 公債票 = bond.

= Húnán - Bond, or Bond issued by the provinces of Húnán and Guǎngdōng.

The amount is 100 Liang (in English usually called “Tael”),

It is expressively said that the silver standard to which the 100 Liang refer is the so-called Kùpíng silver standard.


The bond bears a date: 15.5. first year of Xuāntǒng this is1.5.1909.

The red square seal is written in old seal script. I can read the characters: 湖廣官錢總局之圖章 = seal of the official money bureau of Húnán and Guǎngdōng.



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