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Circulating Kennedy Half dollars


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My oldest son has been living in Ecuador for some time now and as many of you know they use US currency.

The Sacajawia Dollar coins are the most commonly used coin but recently 2018 Kennedy half dollars have started to show up with regularity.

You can't even get them from the banks here.

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That is surprising...I wasn't aware that the mint was making any other than for mint or proof sets any more.  Clearly, they made enough to ship 'em to Ecuador.

Edit:  Apparently in recent years you could also direct order small numbers of them, but you'd pay nearly double.

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went and looked it up.
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If I am not mistaken, Ecuador has not minted its own CLT coinage for the past 15 years?  There are countries today that do not have currently minted coins, and they "buy" current CLT from other countries.  The U.S. regularly exports current coinage to many of these countries (while not releasing them within our own country).  Since our Mint Directors have been quite the lazy bums these past several decades, it's impossible to know how many to which countries these sales have been conducted each year simply through the annual reports.  I've even noticed that the halves and dollars are no longer even itemized in the budget reports alongside the other denominations.  But, as people travel to and from these various countries that we send coin to, we'll start seeing more and more of them in our rolls.

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On 9/28/2018 at 9:08 AM, ikaros said:

And I have had clerks here in America think that a Kennedy half was a two-dollar coin just because they never see them.

Man, do I miss circulating halves... and Ikes.

TWO dollars?  Wow.  That's a new one for me.

I've had plenty of clerks figuring they were dollars.

Perhaps you're in an area where Sacajaweas and Presidential dollars circulate at least a little bit?  (Apparently cities in the East that have more mass transit use those coins somewhat with their rail systems.)

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