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1982 (P) Lincoln Memorial Cent, Copper, Large Date, Double Die Reverse!

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Hi to all, my name is Dwayne and I am about 3 months into a this amazingly addictive and interesting hobby and I have what seems to be a new discovery and part of the 1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent set of varieties. I say "new" because of the nature of this amazing coin. 

This is a 1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent, No mint mark or Philadelphia Mint, with the Large Date and is the heavier 3.11g (copper) planchet/coin and it is a strong double die reverse with counter-clockwise doubling of nearly all designed features and the grade as far as I judge is around AU 58 or perhaps a tad higher with the short experience I've amassed in these last few months but I have learned enough to know via research and searching the internet that this is indeed a great find, in which I believe may be a new discovery and a one of a kind LMC. 

As stated, I am fairly new to this amazing hobby and to be honest, due to taking care of my aging dad in addition to providing for my beautiful wife and our two daughters, very limited as to having any additional funds as for having this coin graded, plus with it being a rare and what I believe could be quite valuable, I am honestly too afraid of sending it off in the mail. I am from Southwest Louisiana and their is a semi-local Numismatic/Coin Shop in Lake Charles but seems to only deal with proofs, silver, and gold interests. 

I am going to attempt to post photos of this coin, plus another amazing LMC, but my phone is not of the upper scale, high pixel resolution camera type. But I can assure you that (all) the previously mentioned facts I have provided are valid and of course factual. I have a 16x mag site glass in which I use for coin searching and im going to attempt to take the photos through it.

I discovered this coin about a month ago now while scanning through a small cache of pennies I have been slowly saving for a few months. To add to this blessing of a find and to the amazing story this is, out of the exact same small 100 or less cache of pennies, I have also discovered a coin in which I believe without a doubt IS a one of a kind, new discovery!! That coin is a 1973 (D) Lincoln Memorial Cent DDR (A very strong DDR) and is also in the AU-58 grade area.

Any and all thoughts, suggestions, and information about these two pieces is greatly appreciated and needed as to the route in which I should take in trying to place these coins in the listing books. My apologies for the lengthy post but I feel specifics is always a valuable and complementary characteristical detail when seeking help from folks of whom are more knowledgeable than I. Thanks again, D. Rowell, Faith!

P.S. Since I am brand new to this forum and this being my first post, I have yet to figure out how to post the photos I do have. 



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Hi Rowellcents! Welcome to CoinPeople.com! Sorry for the delayed response!

Have you found CopperCoins.com yet? They have a cool feature (http://www.coppercoins.com/advsearch.php) that lets you search for dates for special die varieties. They show pictures with the indicators to look for (like... "there is a crack between columns 3 and 4 in the Lincoln Memorial"). You might find some answers there!

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