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1973D Kennedy Half find from roll


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I've been on a brief hiatus for the past few years.  But, the past several months, I have been starting to get back into my personal hobby routine with roll searching and bulk lot foreign coin searching.  Both of my youngest girls (8 and 10)have been becoming interested in coins since it is something that daddy has been doing lately.  So, I was showing my 10yo how to search rolls and how to use the Cherrypicker's Guide to help with searching for varieties.

As we were going through a roll of halves, this particular piece kind of jumped out, so I took a closer look under 10x loupe, and again under 50x microscope.  I've been trying to get a usb microscope the past few weeks, but each time, the box has ended up making it here empty.  And I have been having quite the time getting the lighting correct trying to get a close-up photo.  But, this one is definitely going to be a keeper.  I'm going to send it in for verification with CONECA just to make sure.  But, under 50x, it's exactly as pictured in the Guide.


Quite a find to get your YN even more interested in the hobby.



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Higher quality photo
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2 hours ago, thedeadpoint said:

Very cool, SMS! Great find - does it have any value?

Invaluable!  Was able to share it with my daughters!  🤣

FS-50-1973D-101, CONECA DDO-001

There is doubling all around in the date, IN GOD WE TRUST, and LIBERTY.  Being a circulated find, it is not as defined as an MS example would be. But you can definitely see the separations, especially  on the east side of the coin.

Most prominent are the full split serifs on bottom and top of S, right leg of R, and upper portion of U.  The 3 in the date is hardest to get the lighting right, but it's split east on the upper curve.

Cherry Picker's Guide 5th Edition values MS-63 at around $25 (6 years ago).  This is an AU, so it will be worth much less.  Still, CONECA reports a population of only 17.  If this is confirmed, they'll have to change it to 18.  🤓

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Total population.  The master listing has a total of 37 reported DDOs for 1973D Kennedys from all six varieties.  So, the DDO-001 has the largest overall population at 17.  However, it is the most defined/prominent doubling, therefore the more desirable (IMHO at least).

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