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Confederate States Banknotes


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Good Evening,

I need some help with some banknotes, I came across these after inheriting my Late Fathers Banknotes.

He believed that these were not Genuine, I've had a look at some images of the questionable banknotes online and also believed that these are not Genuine

Images are Available upon requests.


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19 hours ago, thedeadpoint said:

What makes you think they are not genuine?

The Quality of the Image on the notes themselves, they look very thick, and looking at images of these notes, the signatures are hand written where as on the notes I have they are printed

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11 hours ago, thedeadpoint said:

Sharp eye. Instinct is the best tool we have in this hobby.

Very True!!

I'm still new to the banknotes side of things atm, trying to find a way of storing them better, But the Bloody German ones are a pig because of there size :/

Out of curiosity, When did the American's start putting the shredded coloured paper into there notes?

I'll get some Snaps of the Notes and Post em too.

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Whoops. Missed this. 


Which shredded colored paper are you talking about? I think there might be some red and blue fibers in some. Is that what you're talking about?

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