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Is this mexican coin variety known to members?


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In the attachments please find a digital scan of the obverse and reverse of a coin from my collection. Trust the images are clear enough to be useful.


The coin appears to be a Mexican 10 centavos of the Chihuahua Mint with the date 1887 over 3. The mintmark is CH and the mint-master is M. The eights of the date appear to be jammed together which might indicate a damaged die or might indicate that the coin itself was damaged or manipulated to create the effect. Weight 2.70 grams. Dia. 17mm. Tests @ high grade silver with 18 kt acid test on a basaltic stone. Would appear to be genuine mint product IMO.


The curious thing about the coin appears on the obverse where the '10' of the denomination appears to be heavily re-punched having initially been entered too low. This resulted in the initial zero virtually touching the 'S' of CENTAVOS. There appear to be two raised bumps at the bottom of the final zero at 6:30 and 7:00 o'clock as well as a raised line exiting the final zero vertically at about 1:00 o'clock. I have not in my experience seen such re-punched denominations on other Mexican 10 centavos coins in my collection and wondered if any of the members had seen another, and if so the date and from which Mint?



chihuahua 1887over 3 varietyobvreduced size.jpg

chihuahua 1887over 3 varietyrevreducedsize.jpg

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