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2 ore of 174x 175x overstruck on which coins?


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Can anyone help me to figure out which coins they struck over in 1740s and 1750s when striking 2 ORE? I have a 1758 Russian coin which was struck over 2 ore of that period, but there is one small left over shadow image on the coin that does not fit 2 ore and possibly belongs to another "undercoin". It would be nice to figure it out. Thank you in advance!

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Found good site for Swedish copper coins: http://www.swedishcoppers.com/CoinTypes.html

Where as there as some 1 ore and 1 Kreutzer coins of Gustav II Adolf (1611-1632) that match the weight of later 2 ore or Frederick I (1720-1751) and Adolf Frederick (1751-1771) that in turn were used in Sestroretsk mint in Russian in 1757-1759 to strike 2 kopecks coins, cutting the "blanks" out of 2 ore, reducing it in size and weight to match those of 2 kopecks, the coins of Gustav II Adolf were a lot bigger in diameter than the later 2 ore.

Where as it is possible that their early coins (example):

1 Öre -- 1628 - 1629 -- Arrows, Type IIB Shield -- Type #19
Mint: Säter, References: KM 115, SM 134a-135
40-41mm, 28.3 gm

...were overstruck into these later coins:

2 Öre S.M. -- 1743 - 1750 -- Type #71
Mint: Stockholm; References: KM 437, SM 310-317
33.5-34.1 mm, 28.3 gm

... as the weight matches in both coins, the size doesn't and if such an oversized coin was later cut to match the size of 2 kopecks that would reduce it's weight considerably.

Copper 2 kopecks. Weight: 20,48 gram, Diameter: 31-34 mm

However, 2 Öre S.M. -- 1743 - 1750s cut down in size matched it perfectly.





1 ore overstrikes into 1 kopeck coins are well known. 2 ore into 2 kopecks, just as common, but to find a coin with "left over", recognizable image is very difficult, and only a few of them are know. This is one of the examples that I managed to find after an exhausting search for it for many years. There is one, little part of the "after image" that doesn't match the 2 ore. If it's not from 2 ore, it may belong to the pliers that were used to hold the "blank" at some point of the production. Other than that, it's a nit fit, I think.

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