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Help with an 1.5 once Sterling medal

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Picked this up as a maybe silver art round, it was very badly covered in an old style plastiv curd form the pouch it and other wer in. took a couple acetone soaks, and 6 runs thru the ultrasonic heated cleaner and simple green. along with a nylon brush then aTranex dip. I normally would not use the dip but they were so badly curded up and discolored form tarnish. Now that it is readable, I know we have a number of members that know more about this type medal than I do.

Thanks in advance.

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yes this one and the other one did come up from trash can status to acceptable the material of the pouch they and the others were stored in was disintegrating and turning into a sticky mess. The dealer was told the party thought it was plated. but after cleaning It appears that it is a 1.5 ounce medal of silver no hallmarks or edge stampings. It turned out good for less than spot due to it condition.

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The medal is also signed "JOHNSON" which based on the type it is likely Stefano Johnson of Milan, Italy. He (his company) signed their medals; JOHNSON, SJ, S. JOHNSON on so on. Stefano Johnson was hired to engrave medals that are from many countries other than Italy or Europe for that matter.

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